Tomorrow is it! Our final group show together at Avenue. u

Tomorrow is it! Our final group show together at Avenue. u will have time to stop by our reception on Thursday evening to grab with us let’s party everyone has worked hard to pull this together! artexhibit groupshow grouplove sfartists artlovers artlife paintings installations encaustic watercolorpainting oilpainting acrylicpainting mixedmediaart lightbox photographie figurativeart abstractpainting abstractions realist […]

Day 100! 100 paintings!!!!!

Day 100! 100 paintings!!!!! Of my #100Daysofh2ocolorarabesque #the100dayproject. Can’t believe I’m there. Seemed so long ago when I started on this path. And happy it’s here on #blockisland that I reached this goal. So much to inspire me. Yay! #blog #art #artstagram #instaart #watercolor #brush #ink

peripheral series

peripheral this series began back when i was living in taipei, taiwan around 2008. one day, i noticed these floating cotton-like things all over the city. upon closer examination, it’s embedded with seeds inside. i ran all over town to collect them. while in portland, oregon, i began to collect more and more seeds as […]

Pods: the curated arabesque

project 2011~ collaborating, curated & collecting i’ve always been fascinated by the idea of waste. things that r man-made had its uses n then tossed out. the flyers that we c floating around like trash after its past its usefulness. the candy wrapper that once wrapped around the precious sweetness is now a pc of […]

l’arabesque: 2007-2010

l’arabesque series… 2007-2010 paintings a friend in france looked at my drawings and said they reminded him of l’arabesque, the arabic style calligraphy. what i find interesting is that “arabesque” is also a position in dance, bringing together my influences quite nicely. this page r more of the arabesque in painted form. they take much […]