I'm an artist of two cultural traditions, of the East and the West, my work naturally thrives in duality and the marriage of juxtaposed influences.

Material curated from urban waste often drives my approach, led by the intent to turn discarded urban waste into beautiful, abstract, dreamlike surfaces. Capturing and revealing the inner beauty of rhythm and movement through organic forms inspired by nature.


I have been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. I was an introverted child, and being bilingual, speaking Taiwanese at home and Mandarin at school did not help. Then at age 9, I moved to the States. Living in Southern California meant I had to learn English fast. For a long time, I did not trust my voice, but the pencil reached out for me. My drawings bridged the distance between ideas, feelings, and words, filling the gaps of an east and west divide to connect all these different versions of me.

After studying Fine Arts, I moved to New York. It was amazing to be part of this vibrant, multicultural city and designing book covers for the St. Martin's Press meant bringing together my passion for reading, illustration, and typography. In 2011, I quit my life in the city to become semi-nomadic. My love for travelling and learning new things led me to rediscover Taiwan as an adult and live in different cities in Europe and Asia. Settling in Taipei, I started to paint again and worked on the series showcased in my first solo exhibition, Arabesque.

Drawing is my form of meditation. I put down the first line and let it grow like a thought, with marks and curves shaping new meanings and possibilities on canvas, revealing the hidden wonders of my surroundings while concealing my anxiety and concern for the planet.