wonder full day

What a wonder full day at #museum with the boys. Inspiration for #Day19 / #100Daysofh2ocolorarabesque #The100DayProject #arabesque #painting #blog #watercolor #nature what do u see here? #ChooseMust cuz my day is spent with kids!

Pods: the curated arabesque

project 2011~ collaborating, curated & collecting i’ve always been fascinated by the idea of waste. things that r man-made had its uses n then tossed out. the flyers that we c floating around like trash after its past its usefulness. the candy wrapper that once wrapped around the precious sweetness is now a pc of […]


fascination i hv always been fascinated by the idea of beeswax (encaustics)… it is the oldest medium in easel (portable) painting, even b4 oils, etc. it was not a very efficient process because one needs constant heat in the the process of painting, so the art has been lost for quite some time. due to […]