Little Fish

  • a Little Fish, a little hope,
  • another little fish, a little more hope,
  • there is power in little fish, swimming together,
  • building up hope,
  • teaching us love,
  • healing our hearts and
  • warming our souls,
  • come swim in the water with Little Fish,
  • hope you will fold a fish or two or more with me,
  • I challenge our community to be a powerful group of 1000 fish, .chil

My name is Sophia Lee. I’m a Taiwanese-American multimedia artist, creating paintings, drawings, light installations, and public artwork. My art finds its voice in the positive re-contextualization of urban waste and engaging the community to re-think the relation with everyday objects and the impact created by our modern living.


This window will be an installation of hanging origami fish and light made possible through community involvement. I firmly believe in involving the community in my public art projects whenever possible to inspire action and small steps toward creativity. Thanks to the sponsorship of Palo Alto Artlift program.


Participants can fold any of the origami fish found on youtube videos linked on the website. The paper used for folding can be any paper you can find, especially recycled materials such as: junk-mail or shipping papers, food packaging, gift packaging, shopping bags, old magazines, etc.

Project Location: old J Foss shop at 250 University Ave, Palo Alto

Drop off fishes at

Open Tues-Sat. 10am-5pm, Closed Sun-Mon

Mail fishes to

2476 Harrison St,
Electric Snail studio
San Francisco CA 94110

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