sorry, this is gonna be a long post…
how can it be the first day of spring already? it felt like this year has gone by in such a flash, more so than last year’s winter. maybe i just say that every year now? i guess keeping busy is a good thing. maybe?
i will update here what has been happening. my family decided to split in half for the xmas/ new year holidays because my dad wants to be back in the states, taking a break from caring for my mom and his work. so did my little brother who prefers xmas in california. so the rest of us went to taiwan to visit with my mom. it’s so hard to see her weakened from all the drugs her body has to deal with. it was nice to see half of the family gathered around her. kids growing up and we are aging yet young at heart. I treasure every moment of time together.
2019. Jan… upon return to SF, first thing i did was to install for the Beauty on the Periphery exhibit at the Reclaimed Room Gallery at the Building Resources. For this show, i pulled all the plastic bag weaving pieces together, it looks great. My wall was super tall and had extra space, so I went back to the studio and brought the newly finished collage painting from The Garden series over.

  • mixed media acrylic

the mini heart i created for the SFGH Foundation’s Hearts in SF last fall is finally going onto the auction block and they are holding a gala for the event. all the artists were invited, and Tisha Kenny went as my date. it was perfect because her work in the non-profit world before was also about mental health. I’ve not been to such a fancy event since forever and it was a blast. Taiko’s heart was sold before the event as was most of the larger hearts. I was super excited because it took me 2 rejections to finally get a ❤️ to work on. Us artist just have to grow a thicker skin to deal with rejections. keep swimming 🐟 as Dori would say.
during all this, i received an acceptance email from somewhere totally unexpected. apparently, i was on the back burner for a submission i did last spring and i just got accepted. as i grow older, maybe wiser? i realized that everything is cyclical. i’m going to be making window installation, using reclaimed materials. my senior show was an installation with trash. HA!😮😂😁😍👌 this time around, i’m using light in addition. the show will be on april 12th in Alameda. Guess what the title is? Radical Beauty… ha! yes, i like beauty.
around chinese new year, i was invited to join the Imagination exhibit at the Hayes Valley Art Works for year of the pig celebration. It was my family’s new year, i had to miss the reception and went home to newport beach to celebrate it.
A big event just after was the East on West exhibit curated by Joseph Abbati for Senator Scott Wiener’s office. It was a really fun reception and i got to meet lots of great Asian artists living and working in the Bay Area.
while i’m creating a new series of smaller paintings, i’m prepping for the installation. i went around my neighborhood or wherever i happen to be, and collected used coffee cup lids. I’ve been busy cutting up packaging that have foils on them. it ranged from junk mail to product packaging and food packaging including coffee bags. soft plastic and foil lined plastics are none recyclable. Our condo and my studio is filled with things.
The remnant of cutting up the 🍂 shapes are used in the small work i’m making. This series is called The Space in Between. when you line them all up together, they would created a larger painting, with a connecting line. The first of these will be on show at The Space gallery’s grand opening show called The White Cube on April 5th! This is a new gallery in Alameda as well. I like Alameda, hehe, 😉 😜
AND… for Danville, i’m about to go pick up my 🐶 sculpture for Dog of Danville to paint on. check out my selected proposed art work in the slide show above.
I think we are all caught up here. The next thing i’ve gotta plan is what to do for our Journal Building artist collective’s summer show: The Long Goodbye. It’ll be some sort of self-portrait. yikes!

art walk on april 12th!

busy bee update