i painted my first utility box mural last summer in redwood city. even though it was tough physically, it was a very good experience for me. so this summer, i was chosen for another set of utility boxes in san ramon city. this time the theme is the arts. my design was originally for one box but now i’m to spread it over 2 boxes. what an honor. however, it’s summer and we have record heat and now fires all over california, i find i have to take a break from painting. the bad air quality is not something i wish to risk for my lung, especially when i’m already working in the midst of traffic smog.
this is something i’m learning, since i’m slow at painting my boxes, i have to be better about choosing when to work.
things i learned:
i need to be better at transferring my design onto the box. the grid method is what you need to do to transfer the design correctly. grid the design and the box with pencil.
i’m using Percita Eyes mural paints and they’re awesome for coverage and color.
but because of heat and wind, everything dries too fast. my solution is to premix the colors in cosmetic jars that i use to save paints in and use that on site. this way, as the paints are exposed in the heat, even if there is wastage, i’m not wasting too much paint, and the colors are consistent.
as for paint brushes, def make sure to wet and rinse often. when home, best to deep clean the dried gunk off the brushes, else i’ll be tossing too many paint brushes.

Thanks to for coming out to help paint on the utility box with me. It’s hot and grimy and u never complained. And ur panel looks amazing. Thank u!
Back to working on my mural… took all day just to do the lower part of this panel! Can’t believe how slow I am. At the corner of crow canyon road & san Ramon valley blvd. Come say hi if u r nearby.
All the jars I’ve collected from my friends and sis are out to use here when I paint and mix colors.
Started a new on a set of and I’ve two young helpers today. * *

painting utility box mural