This is nearly the end of September I’m sitting in a lyft share ride to sfo to visit my brothers and their families. I keep thinking I’ve still loads to do in the studio, maybe I shouldn’t take off for a whole week!

I feel a silent pressure or stress that’s sitting in the background, trying to push forward. I’m also trying to finish my dad’s book project so he could finally have it printed. But now I have to turn all the pages into color. Wish I had the foresight to create everything in color first. Live and learn!

… as I’m in the ride…

Then, feeling I shouldn’t b on my devices, i thought I’d write in my notebook, and then… I spilled my coffee onto the crotch part of my jeans! The weirdest part is, the guy sharing the ride with me didn’t even react! None whatsoever! That’s my surprise about the morning commute share rides. I guess the etiquette is to ignore all and keep to yourself. I silently try to wipe my embarrassment away. What can I do being stuck in traffic and just live with the look of wet crotch through my entire ride to airport. Live and learn! (Thankfully I was able to chg out to another pair of pants I had in my backpack)

Lately I’ve begun working on my artist statement with a professional help. My confidence and focused statement about my art is my weakness. Something I really needed help with.

Rebecca had helped me come up with my tag line. Although the other night when someone asked me what my art is about, I complete blanked out!

I was supposed to own it and say, I invite people to communicate with a language of lines.

Instead I fell back on my usual blabbing. I felt terrible about it. So now I’m practicing some more. I’ll b asking family and friends to help me with this.

I’d like to get my website updated, apply to other residencies, and get myself into more shows and selling!

This week I’ll try to do at least the book and write 🙂

Monday morning spill