lines that flowing from within…


it all started in 2006 when i traveled to japan. i was in MIHO museum with my parents when i discovered the colorful brush pens. i mean, calligraphy brushes that came in all types of colors! i bought a few pens to draw in. i mean, i’ve been living the past 10 yrs as a graphic designer. i often ponder the question abt why i want to paint, but hadn’t really picked up a brush to paint that was anything coherent. i made a few here n ther as gifts for frnds, but they weren’t really the same. then i started these drawing n i just knew i’m back on track again. i kno why i’m painting again.

these earlier “sketches” were very raw. but i wanted to share this set also becuz they r also valid. they’r my experiments n my beginning (returning too). the parameter here was to fill an entire page with my lines and c wher it may lead to, as if the drawing is only a part of a larger space, lines overflow the edges.


2006 returning to the line