Seams of the Fog

The fog covers and reveals to us glimpses of the city. Seeds, junk mail, plastic, foil packaging, and cosmetics remain buried underneath layers of beeswax and pigment, then etched away to reveal a hidden intent. The hazy uncertainty of the collaged surface lives through the intentional, well-defined seams, to question the importance of what lies […]

Beauty in the Periphery

Through an exploration of the natural environment, the series captures the perfection of botanical life. With a keen focus on our environment, I attempt to reveal eternity in the world around us. Many of the natural elements I chose to encapsulate are common in the Fall season when trees and most plants shed their coats […]

In the Garden

The garden is a sanctuary for me, I inherited my love for plants and flowers from my mother. The series explores abstract patterns that mimic the movement of leaves and petals, through reclaimed material collected from food packaging, cosmetics, and junk mail. Collaged into multiple layers, the refuse creates textured surfaces of bold colors.

The Space in Between

The six acrylic paintings study the shifting of light and colors as the sun sets between the fog and water of the San Francisco Bay. Taking inspiration from the Seams of the Fog and using the remnants from In the Garden, I create collages of colors and textures, exploring different mixtures of medium and pigments, […]

Flotsam & Jetsam

Flotsam & Jetsam is the everyday salvage series. These plastic bags, wraps, and packagings were once polyethylene just as threads were once fibers. After deconstructing the bags, I began weaving them back together to create a new canvas material. Weaving has traditionally been a woman’s work, praising feminine inventiveness and resourcefulness, it connects women of […]